Pet Sits

Pet sit - Miss Betty

If you’re going away, you need to know your creatures and home are left with someone reliable and trustworthy, someone who’ll keep in touch with you, and deal with anything that crops up.

As one of life’s natural nomads, my free-range lifestyle is particularly suited to house and pet sitting. Over the last year alone I’ve cared for all sorts of critters. The main exception are the feline variety, unfortunately, as Taz goes berserk around cats.

I have oodles of experience with dogs, and a little knowledge of sheep, chickens, horses, pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, goldfish, rats, mice, snakes and even giant snails. My step-mum is a sheep farmer and the family farm has lots of chickens, five pigs, four dogs and three ponies, as well as around seventy sheep. I’ve helped out since I was in my teens and am comfortable with the practical, pragmatic, ‘boots-on-and-get-stuck-in’ life on a farm.

When house-sitting, I’m clean, careful, conscientious and respectful. I don’t let people down and, if I say I’ll be there or do something, my word is something you can rely on. I generally make certain that the house is even cleaner when its residents return than it was on their departure. Also there are house-sits where I’ve done gardening and decorating projects too, and I love the simplicity of practical, hands-on work.

Prices for pet sits

Per 24 hour periodHouse-sit including 1 dog £25
+ each additional dog£5
+ each additional pen/hutch/run of small mammals or livestock £3
For pet sits lasting longer than 4 nights, do get in touch for a discounted whole stay price to make it more affordable. Also, if you have unique requirements, do just let me know and I’ll quote for your house-sit on the basis of your needs.

In the last year alone, I’ve done pet sits for two whippets, a teacup Yorkshire terrier, a rottie lurcher, two jack russels, two greyhounds, a Welsh collie, a German Shepherd cross Blue Merle collie, a miniature schnauzer and a black lab cross bearded collie.

Here are photos of past pet sits and some adventures Taz & I have had doing them across Devon:

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