When you go away, the ideal scenario is that your dogs and pets are entirely relaxed and comfortable, with as little disruption as possible, having a fun holiday of their own. I enable them to stay in home-comfort familiarity, within their normal habits and routines, and with my full care, commitment and attention.

It’s like having a pet babysitter – although admittedly, I’m a few decades beyond my babysitting days! I’m fully insured, DBS checked and pet 1st aid certified. Prices also include local car transport to and from the best walks and doggy adventures for your pooch to have a memorable holiday of their own.

If you want a sitter, start with a walker…

Good relationships form the foundation of every happy pet and home sit. I love to see dogs 100% relaxed and in their element even when their No. 1 humans are away. That’s why I typically only sit for dogs and humans that I know through my dog walking business. It relieves stress and worry for all involved, and makes certain that all our dogs are calm and contented.

If you want a sitter, even only occasionally, my recommendation is that you build a longer-term relationship. For me, it means I know your dogs’ body language, training cues, fears, etc., and all being well already have their trust and affection. It’ll give them a much happier holiday with this groundwork in place. Simply reserve a weekly or bi-weekly dog walking slot in the weeks or months leading up to your holiday.

Planning ahead and booking a regular walking slot will also mean that you’re not leaving your home in that hands of a stranger. Through dog walking, you’ll get to know me and when you jet set away you’ll already know how trustworthy and conscientious I am.

Pet sits starting from:

Per 24 hour periodCare for one dog and your home£45
+ each additional dog£5
+ each additional pen/hutch/run of small mammals or livestock £3
Hourly rateFor times when you need just a few hours’ care£15
What I offer is much closer to babysitting than a kennel scenario. My prices reflect this; I’m far from the cheapest option but am incredible value for the care, attention and dedication you get.

I have oodles of experience with dogs, and knowledge of sheep, chickens, horses, pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, goldfish, rats, mice, snakes and even giant snails. My step-mum is a sheep farmer and the family farm has lots of chickens, five pigs, four dogs and three ponies, as well as around seventy sheep. I’ve helped out since I was in my teens and am comfortable with the practical, pragmatic, ‘boots-on-and-get-stuck-in’ life on a farm.

Here are photos of past pet sits and some adventures Taz & I have had doing them across Devon: