Dog Walks

Each of our canine pals is entirely unique. There are never two dogs the same, just like us human beans. That’s why, however your pooch likes to mooch, we’ll get to know both of your needs and preferences, likes and dislikes, to provide the most splendidly pawesome service around.

Before joining the Moochy Pooch Pack, we’ll come over for a brief 20 minute ‘Getting to Know You’ session. And, with the help of a short questionnaire, you’ll have plenty of prompts to make sure we’re fully up to speed with your dog’s social skills, recall ability, training cues, treat preferences, ICE details and, importantly, their favourite toys. We’ll have the chance to go over collection and drop-off, and chat through any individual requirements.

There are several walk options depending on how long a walk you’d like to book and whether you’re looking for a group or solo session.

Group Walks

Join the Moochy Pooch Pack and book your dog in for an hour’s group walk. From parks and hills, rivers and canals, old railway lines and golf courses, we’ll visit lots of different environments. Your pooch will have a whale of a time playing and running, and getting good social contact.

1 Hour Group Walk1 Pooch2 Pooches

Solo Walks

For one-to-one care and attention. This is perfect for puppies learning the ropes, older dogs who like to go real slow and reactive dogs needing a bit of extra TLC.

1 Pooch2 Pooches
30 minutes£11£15
1 hour£15£22

For dogs who struggle to walk on a slack lead and are working towards reliable recall, I might advise a short period of Solo Walks to prepare them for safely joining a pack.

Feed & Fuss Visits

Whether it’s cuddles, pees and poos, topping up water bowls, feeding, or mucking out the litter tray, a 15-30 minute comfort break can help your pet through the day when you’re busy.

15 minutes£6.50
30 minutes£10