Hello! Nice of you to pop by.

Being a dog walker is a lifestyle more than it is a typical job. We simply love being outdoors with the dogs in all weathers.

Meet Wren

Before I started the Moochy Pooch, walking my old dog, Taz, was the happiest moment of my day, every day. I love nature and wildlife, and being outside helps keep me sane, I always long for more of it. Despite spending all my time with dogs, I’m still the person who has to say ‘Hi’ to every dog I pass!

Taz was rehomed twice before he came to me and sadly had to overcome more than his fair share of scars. I loved supporting him to overcome difficulty and finding ways of mitigating for it when he couldn’t. He was a great teacher!

Dogs have been a constant in my life. Nan always had two German Shepherds and my parents followed suit with a floppy-eared GSD called Rick, who won a couple of competitions with me as a kid. My step-mum’s a sheep farmer so there’s always at least one working collie around, and then all the house dogs who had been intended for a job but became pets instead.

I studied Psychology & Neuroscience at Liverpool Uni and am fascinated by the incredible relationships we forge with our dogs. I love learning to communicate in ways they understand, such as using more body language than verbal cues, and always striving to notice and reward good behaviour as consistently as possible.