Hello! Nice of you to pop by.

Being a dog walker is a lifestyle more than it is a typical job. Simply speaking, I love being outdoors with dogs in all weathers. Before I started the Moochy Pooch, walking my dog, Taz, was always the happiest moment of my day, every day. I’ve always loved nature and wildlife, being outside helps keep me sane, and I always long for more of it. Becoming a dog walker was an obvious and natural progression really.

This isn’t my first business. I used to run mindfulness retreats on a narrowboat and even won Channel 4’s Four in a Bed back in 2016. Being self-employed suits me very well and, as someone who doesn’t need a lot in life, I prefer to follow my heart rather than my pocket.

I have a strong sense of responsibility, which means I do what I say I will and tend to go the extra mile. If something unexpected happens, I’ll do whatever’s needed to put things straight. No half measures. I’m noticeably kind, warm and easy-going, which tends to make both animals and humans feel relaxed around me.

Being the eldest of six siblings, leading a pack comes naturally indeed. And having studied Psychology & Neuroscience at Liverpool Uni, I’m fascinated by the incredible bond we forge with our dogs. I love learning to communicate in ways they understand, such as using more body language than verbal cues, and always strive to notice and reward good behaviour as consistently as possible. Dogs generally want to please so I think the trick is to be alert and compliment them whenever they behave well. That way they’ll repeat it, and feel secure and confident.

I have a lurcher pal called Taz who accompanies me everywhere I go. He’s as close to me as my own shadow.

Before he came into my life, he was rehomed twice and has sadly had to overcome more than his fair share of scars. Taz has taught me many things, not least about interacting with and training dogs, how to help them overcome difficulty and ways of mitigating for it when they can’t.